Great Northern University is a private Christian liberal arts university that has the mission of a Bible college and a vision for whole-person transformation.

Our educational programs purposefully integrate faith, spiritual maturity, and a deep love for God's Word with the professional training necessary for students to engage and transform their world at any level.

Engage Your World


College of Communication & Theology

College of Communication & Theology

Perhaps never before in history has the need for successful communication been so high. GNU students will learn how to communicate biblical truth and concepts in a variety of contexts, benefiting the Church and the broader community.

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College of Global Engagement

College of Global Engagement

Even in the 21st century the world is still a big place, with billions of people, and many thousands of languages and cultures. Effective cross-cultural engagement is needed for successful ministry, business, and education on a global scale. 

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College of Professional Studies

College of Professional Studies

Our calling is to be in the world, but not of the world. In the world, Christian leaders are needed in a variety of professional, technical, and educational fields. GNU students can make a difference today, and for eternity.

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Degree Programs

communications and theology

A degree in Biblical and Theological Studies prepares graduates for impactful careers in church ministry, nonprofit and outreach services, social work, or in preparation for graduate school or seminary studies.

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communications and theology

A communication degree supplies graduates with persuasion and communication skills to address issues from a Christian perspective. Possible careers include journalism, marketing, PR, and design.

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communications and theology

The world needs leadership in many capacities. A Leadership Studies degree prepares graduates for positions in management, administration, HR, entrepreneurship, or for graduate studies.

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communications and theology

Youth and families face many challenges. This degree will prepare you for a leadership role in positively impacting young people and their families through ministry, social work, or sports.

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global engagement icon SVG

Thorough understanding of world cultures requires awareness and engagement. This degree enables graduates to serve in global missions, teaching, public relations, and social sciences.

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professional studies

Graduates of this program are prepared to engage with others through the pathway of language. Careers include language education, dictionary development, Bible translation, and speech therapy.

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professional studies

Teaching or ministry abroad can be achieved with this degree. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages opens a world of opportunity to graduates interested in cross-cultural education and ministry.

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Great Northern University is here to help you Engage Your World through a post-secondary education that is Biblically grounded and globally relevant. Discover you at GNU.

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A university education is a solid investment in your future. Great Northern University can guide you through the financial requirements to make that investment a viable reality.

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Student life

Great Northern University offers a unique experience. Here, there is a focus  on education from a Christian perspective that combines the values of Wisdom, Community, and Scholarship

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Our People


David Beine, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Global Engagement | Professor of Intercultural Studies


Marc Canner, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Professional Studies | Professor of Linguistics


Nathanael Schey

Chief Operating Officer


Michael Kibbe, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Communication and Theology | Assistant Professor of Bible


Floyd Schneider, Ph.D.

Professor of Intercultural Studies and Bible


Elaine Ackerman, PH.D.

Instructor of Education and Psychology


Craig Ferderer, D.Min.

Associate Professor of Youth and Family Ministry


Karmen Gregg

Instructor of Health and Nutrition


Michael Orr, Ph.D.

Professor of Communication


Frank Hamilton, PH.D.

Instructor of Psychology


Kay Tronsen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Communication


Gerald Vreeland, Ph.D.

Professor of Semitic Languages and Biblical Literature

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