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Good Friday 2

What’s So Good About Good Friday?

Jesus was falsely accused, beaten, mocked, and unjustly executed on trumped up charges. and we're calling this "good?"

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Like Father, Like Son: Joseph in the Christmas Story

Joseph, the “father” of Jesus. He is not a major character in the story, by any reasonable estimation.

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Providence Through Library Shelves

The Lord's providence continues to be evident, as he meets GNU's need for library shelving...

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Sometimes, you only have one opportunity, one chance. In other cases, you only have one period of time, one season, or one year.

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My Answer is Faith

The air this morning was clear and watercolor clouds were smeared across the sky. It was almost cold out, with the onset of autumn replacing the summer.

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Why GNU? A Student Reflection

I tried to Google how long it usually takes to create a new university. Other than six vague methods on how to start a college (thank you, WikiHow), most results...

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Walking on Water

While driving in to the office the other day, I heard the song “Walking on Water,” by the band NEEDTOBREATHE, on the radio.

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Praying for Elephants

Trying to simplify our lives to some degree, my husband and I sold our house in Palouse, WA, and said good-bye to our home church a few months ago, moving,...

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Most Excellent Theophilus...

Thursday, May 10th, is the day celebrated as Ascension Day in 2018. It often comes and goes on the calendar without my thinking about it.

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Everyday Reminders of Our Eternal Hope

Sometimes God reminds us of our eternal hope in the strangest manner...

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