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A Partner's Perspective: Eric and Nan Schey

Eric and Nan Schey are two of Great Northern University's most faithful giving partners. They have partnered with us since the beginning of our journey and continue to pray as the Lord moves us along. Partners like the Schey's remind us that GNU is truly God's work, and that we are honored that He includes us. Eric and Nan were kind enough to answer some questions for us, and their answers are compelling. You can read their interview below.

How would you describe yourself? What is your story?

"We are in the LAC stage of life. That’s ‘Life after College”. Kids have graduated and all the bills are paid. God has blessed us with time and health. Eric and I have been married 39 ½ years. We enjoy traveling and have been to 45 states. This past spring we visited Sequoia and Yellowstone. 2020 will add Alaska to the list. We’ve learned that 16 days on the road to too long and 6000 miles in one trip is a few too many. We have two sons, two godly daughters-in-law and 7 grandchildren. Did I mention we are blessed? Eric and I are do-it-yourselfers. We tackle all kinds of projects – from gutting a kitchen and bathroom to laying a paved stone sidewalk. Next spring is a greenhouse and new garden beds. Although I must admit, I was glad for the help of a younger friend for the sidewalk. The spirit is willing but the knees are aging. Eric is looking forward to retirement sometime in mid summer. He works in electrical maintenance at one of our local manufacturers and I am currently working in the financial world. We love to spend the evenings quietly – scrapbooking, reading, needlework or organizing family photos or regenerating our resources (napping). Besides our family, our greatest joy is serving in our local church. We are involved in small group ministry and Wow! God allows us to be a part of seeing lives changed. We have been overwhelmed be His goodness and working."

Why have you supported Great Northern University? Essentially, "Why GNU?"

"At a time when many would have thrown in the towel and given up, we heard testimony to the moving of God within the hearts of the faculty to continue with a Christ based higher education for the Spokane area. God has blessed us greatly and we wanted to share our blessing with a ministry dedicated to changing the world for Christ. Why GNU? We believe in Christ centered education. Our son, Nathanael, is part of the GNU team. We watched and prayed from the early stages of the school’s founding and knew we wanted to be part of what God was doing in the Pacific Northwest."

What makes GNU distinct?

"At a time when so many Christian Schools are under attack for their beliefs, GNU is seeking opportunity to change the world in their back yard. It’s small, it’s personal and it’s passionate about being used by God to engage students in a life transformation. We love that there is interaction between staff and students outside the classroom. Students of all ages need more than just factual lecture and a grade on a paper. They need to know and feel they are accepted, cared for and mentored."

How have you seen God working at GNU?

"From the beginning we have watched God open doors and provide needed resources. He has helped GNU overcome what have seemed like impossible hurdles - but then that’s our great God. He delights in doing what only He can. Many times we received a call or message…’Mom and Dad, will you pray for us? We have a meeting…We’re moving a library…We have a financial need.’ We often think of what God is doing in the lives of our students and community. But God is also working in amazing ways in the lives of the faculty and staff. Building their faith. Taking them deeper on the path of trust. Blessing the surrendered heart with His provision and guidance. The World doesn’t think God cares…but He does. And He works in the hearts and lives of those that turn to Him because He’s good and He loves us."

How do you pray for GNU?

"First, that GNU would stay true to God’s Word, be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and seek only to glorify Him. Secondly, that GNU would endeavor to lead the students into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Adding knowledge is good, but if that knowledge is not applicable or doesn’t change a life, then it was wasted effort at best and could lead to the downfall brought on by pride. Thirdly, we pray that the faith of the leadership and faculty is strengthened during times of testing. We also pray that God would continue to meet the needs of school in a way that only He can and that will cause people to see His goodness and mercy and want to know Him."

Why should someone support GNU financially?

"I (Nan) always wanted to change the world. To do great things for God. But I was a stay at home mom, by choice, with no formal education. I gave that dream back to God. God blessed my husband and I with 2 sons. Both gifted and both with a love for God. And as I watched them grow and marry and begin their lives, I realized they were changing the world around them. What better way to change the world than to invest in the lives of young people who desire to serve God? Maybe we can’t take the Gospel to the far side of the earth. We can help someone else who can. For anyone who feels that they have only a little to give…be assured and encouraged by the offering of a child’s lunch. A couple of small fish and a few bread rolls. But in the Hand of the Christ, thousands were fed. Choose to give no matter what the amount. Give from a pure heart and leave the results with God."

Great Northern University educates individuals who will engage and transform the world for Jesus Christ. Our financial partners are directly affecting the lives of our current students and making their education possible. If you are interested in giving, click the button below or email

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