Greater Things

Doing The Impossible

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”  Attributed to Francis of Assisi.

God has been working on a restoration project over the past couple of years with me as the clay.  So far it has involved major changes in almost every part of my life which makes it a BIG project with lots of bricks in the wall, mortar mixing, and curing.  Maybe even ending up like the Great Wall of China.  Maybe a feature someone could see from outer space like in those NASA pictures.  It certainly feels that way.  The latest brick, a huge, hefty one, fell right out of the wall and exploded in mid-November, when an announcement in our faculty meeting at my former college of employment meant the end of my teaching job.  I have loved working with the students in my classes there, watching them grow in academic ability and in Christ, as God formed them into men and women with hearts for Him.  How could that just be over and done?     

Being Confident of This Very Thing

As the dust settled, and the ground stopped shaking, a group of post-job faculty banded together to do the impossible --- start a new university.  Sharing their belief that God was not finished with Spokane, and recognizing a big, black hole that would be left once the campus closed, I felt that nudge of the Holy Spirit, that inner “Yes,” to be a part of it.  I felt God’s assurance that He truly is in charge, answering prayers for Spokane that have been prayed through the years and seasons. 

That He Who Began a Good Work In You

Though it is hard to look back and trace all the ways God affirmed my decision, my confidence remains that He will accomplish what He has set out to do.  It’s been a step of faith that has not yet landed; my foot is still lifted, hovering in the air, waiting for the landing.  As Dr. Kibbe reminded us in a chapel recently, that waiting space between lift and landing is valuable real estate for God.  What will He accomplish through all this?  What will the ending be?  We don’t know – we wait; we are still, even as we push on, walking ahead. It is a journey, and like most journeys, we will be changed by it. 

Will Complete It 

We started by doing what we felt was necessary, doing the possible things we could see before us, some hard things, one after another as they came our way, and, well, the impossible has always been in God’s hands anyway.  I’m glad I’m part of God’s business.  I’m glad that my life is part of His restoration project.  Maybe my new Great Wall with new bricks, refurbished bricks, and hardened mortar will have some built-in flower niches, with huge maple trees shading it, with solitary places for contemplation and prayer.  What will God build at GNU?  I can’t wait to see.