Greater Things

My Answer is Faith

The air this morning was clear and watercolor clouds were smeared across the sky.  It was almost cold out, with the onset of autumn replacing the summer.  I sit in a cafe in Downtown Spokane, where at ten in the morning, the streets are still quiet.  Fresh coffee steams from my mug.  It’s a perfect study spot on a perfect Wednesday morning. 

These moments are just one of many reasons I am thankful to live in Spokane, Washington.  I grew up on the coast of California and never I thought I could be happy anywhere without the ocean.  But Spokane has beauty to be appreciated and there is so much to enjoy here.  My love for Spokane itself is only a small part of choosing to attend Great Northern University (GNU). 

Any student you ask will tell you with a smile that they chose GNU because of the professors.  The men and women who are leading this school are not only excellent professors, but are counselors, mentors, and friends.  They care deeply for each student and strive to see them excel.  But most importantly, they care about our walk with God.  These men and women have not lost sight of what is most important in this life: to love and know God.  In every class they teach, in every way they serve, they lead us closer to God.  Paul wrote to the Corinthian church, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” (1 Cor 11:1 NIV).  I have never before seen so many people committed to living this statement out.  Yes, these people are human, but they are wise and long to see us seek Christ with all that we are.

“How do I know where God is leading?”  This is a question all of us have asked at some point in our lives.  God often brings us to crossroads to draw us into a place where all we have to rely on is Him.  Before I moved to Spokane to start school, a friend made me a painting that reads, “Faith never knows where it is being led, but it loves and knows the One who is leading.”  That painting has been a constant reminder that if we love and trust God, then we will follow Him wherever He guides us.  Oftentimes, He leads us to places to stretch our faith.  Many people have asked why I would choose to go to a school that may not even open.  (Yes, I decided to attend GNU before we had word that it would open this fall.)  Faith, is my answer.  Faith that this is where God wanted me, faith that God’s hand was on this school, faith that the professors and faculty were seeking God in every decision.  I knew that the other potential students had the same faith.  This school would not be here without God’s clear leading.  We all know this.  And I know that no matter what I do with my life, I want to follow God with this kind of faith.  It is because of Him that I am here.  It is because of Him that I get another year in Spokane to enjoy all its beauty and quirks, to enjoy steaming cups of coffee in little downtown coffee shops. It’s all because of Him.    

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