Greater Things


Sometimes, you only have one opportunity, one chance. In other cases, you only have one period of time, one season, or one year. In all of these scenarios, the focus is on the singularity of the option and its timing.

In my life, these “ones” have ranged from unique travel opportunities like backpacking through Europe, to mission trips in remote locations like Siberia. Limited years with friends before miles separated us have reminded me of the high value of close relationships. Celebrations and periods of grief have also highlighted for me that some things only occur once.

In His earthly ministry, Jesus Christ invited individuals to “follow” Him. This offer required them to lay down their reputations, careers, and plans for the future. The invitation was extended once at a specific point in history.

Last November, I distinctly remember my reflections about the opportunity to start a new institution: “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” This thought was quickly followed with the realization that I would deeply regret, probably for the rest of my life, not taking the chance that was presented to follow God’s leading and to walk by faith with Jesus Christ and my community.

We have only one life and one opportunity to live this life to the glory of God.

Only one.