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Isaiahs call

Unshakable, Pt. 2

I learned at the construction site that words can not only be stripped of their sacred meaning—they can be stripped of any meaning at all...

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dirty thunderstorm

Unshakable, Pt. 1

It’s undeniably one of the great moments in human history. A group of people, theoretically bound together by common ancestry but most pressingly united by a recent experience of slavery,...

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Sun and Moon

Scary Times, Sacred Times: An Eastertide Reflection on the Coronavirus

..."the more I think about Lent, and about Easter, and about sacred times, the more I think the lesson I most needed to learn this year was how to lean into toward Easter despite the chaos around me."

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shutterstock 779287561

Journey to Bethlehem (Or Not): The Christmas Story in the Four Gospels

You probably knew that the Bible contains four gospels—four stories about Jesus (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).

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Like Father, Like Son: Joseph in the Christmas Story

Joseph, the “father” of Jesus. He is not a major character in the story, by any reasonable estimation.

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