The Pursuit of Scholarship

When it comes to our individual journeys, none of us are quite the same. We all have different gifts and skills to use, and different disciplines to grow in to fulfill our calling in life. GNU is like that too: GNU is comprised of multiple colleges, each with unique disciplines and world-class faculty who are eager to engage with you on your journey. Each college represents a unique set of values and disciplines, and yet they all work together to make GNU what it is. 


communications and theology

The College of Communication and Theology

Perhaps never before in history has the need for successful communication been so high. GNU students in this college will learn how to communicate biblical truth and concepts in a variety of contexts, benefiting the Church and the broader community. 

 global engagement

The College of Global Engagement

Even in the globalized 21st century the world is still a big place, with billions of people, and many thousands of languages and cultures. Effective cross-cultural training is needed for successful ministry, business, and education on the global stage. 

professional studies

The College of Professional Studies

Our calling is to be in the world, but not of the world. In the world, Christian leaders are needed in a variety of professional, technical, and educational fields. GNU students can make a difference today, and for eternity through a professional career.