A Campaign to Launch Great Northern University

Now more than ever, there is a need for individuals to transform and engage the world by integrating Christian faith into every aspect of their lives. Raising up new leaders and educating them for this calling will not be easy, but it is essential. The lifetime of service and influence of our graduates, both here and around the world, will honor the Lord Jesus Christ and begin to transform our community.

With your help, Great Northern University, an innovative, exceptional, and affordable Christian University for students in Eastern Washington and beyond, is rising up for this purpose.

Great Northern University is built on the foundations of Moody Bible Institute-Spokane (1993-2018), Spokane Bible College (1989-1993), and Inland Empire School of the Bible (1972-1988). The University offers degree programs that prepare graduates for meaningful and purposeful employment as they transformatively engage their communities.

Why Launch a Christian University in Spokane? 

Great Northern University offers a distinctive education, filling an unmet role in the landscape of higher education in the state of Washington:

  • GNU has the mission of a Bible college, the relevance of Christian liberal arts, and a vision for whole-person transformation—the combination of which uniquely prepares students to engage and transform the world.
  • GNU is built around community: as a small institution, it functions like a family. GNU Students have well-established relationships with faculty, Spokane-area churches and businesses, neighbors, and each other—we aim to keep these relationships intact while also developing new partnerships.
  • GNU is affordable: GNU offers a private education at less than half the average cost of almost every other private university in the multi-state region—with no compromises on quality.
  • GNU serves the Spokane region: In 2016-17, the students, faculty, and staff of (then) Moody Bible Institute-Spokane contributed over 18,000 volunteer hours to area non-profits, including the Union Gospel Mission, schools in low-income neighborhoods, and organizations serving refugees like World Relief. GNU's programs and culture are built around continuing these partnerships of service. 

 Why Now? 

The departure of Moody Bible Institute (MBI) from Spokane on June 30, 2018 created a unique moment of opportunity to launch a new Christian University:

  • It fills a distinct void in the Christian higher education landscape in the Pacific Northwest. 
  • Faculty and staff living in and contributing to the Spokane area feel called to serve and prepare students right here, and are committed to staying in the region for this purpose.
  • Non-profits, businesses, schools, and churches in the area desire to continue working with outstanding Christian students who faithfully serve them each year.
  • There is no better time than the present to launch a new University even as the previous institution closes its doors. With minimal operational delay, facilities, faculty, students, and programs have seamlessly transitioned into GNU’s vision for the future. 

 What’s Needed to Launch GNU? 

GNU has received authorization from the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) to operate as a degree-granting institution. Additionally, we have created a Strategic Plan, named a President and an Executive Team, and selected Board members, and secured a facility.

In order to continue moving forward, the University must raise an additional $1,000,000 by April 1st, 2019 to:

  • Provide fair-market salaries for a core group of faculty members committed to teach 2018-19 classes
  • Assure students that faculty are in place for all degree programs
  • Sign facility agreements to ensure classrooms remain available
  • Pay for accreditation and licensing application fees
  • Operational expenses including professional fees for marketing (website/materials), enrollment consulting, and further fundraising 

Will You Embark on the Campaign to Launch GNU? 

It takes an expansive vision, leaders with a passion for Christian higher education, and generous, Kingdom-minded financial partners in order to launch a new Christian University. Vision and leadership are in place—but we need your financial partnership.

As our tuition model kicks in to provide a portion of our revenue stream, we must turn to God’s people who value the lifetime return a biblically focused, professionally oriented, and gospel-driven education at GNU provides to launch God's work at GNU. Careful financial projections indicate that we need $1M to successfully launch GNU in its first year. By 2019, tuition income will greatly offset operating expenses.

Experience and careful research tells us that in order to reach our goals we will need God’s people to provide gifts that look like this:


Will you join us as we embark upon this grand, God-inspired journey to launch Great Northern University? 

Give Now

 To make a gift in support of the GNU Embark Campaign, please visit our "Give" page, or if you want to you can contact Dr. Liddell directly to discuss your gift. Gifts of appreciated securities are also welcome; contact us for details.