Spokane Garry

A Historical Expedition

Oct 08, 2019
9:00 am–1:00 pm
at Various Sites

*Please Note*

This tour is the same as the one offered this past July. 

Dr. David Beine, Dean of the College of Global Engagement at Great Northern University will be guiding an expedition to historical sites around the Spokane region related to Spokane Garry. The purpose of this expedition is for participants to gain a greater awareness of and appreciation for Spokane Garry's influence in the early history of Spokane. 

This expedition, a fully-guided tour, will visit several locations around Spokane associated with Chief Garry, and is co-sponsored by the Southside Community Center, and Yolo Travel Partners

Cost: $35 for members; $40 for non-members. A half our class introduction begins at 9 a.m.. The tour will follow immediately after the class, and will last for three - four hours. Please be prepared to give your payment to Dr. Beine the morning of the tour. 

Seating is very limited for this tour; to register, please call the Southside Community Center at (509) 535-0803 to be added to the list. Online reservations are not available for this tour. If there is enough demand, the Southside Community Center will create a wait-list for a second trip to be scheduled later.