The Continuing Case of Spokane Garry

Mar 12, 2019
6:00 pm–8:00 pm
in Uhden Chapel, at GNU

Great Northern University is pleased to announce an upcoming public lecture, titled: "The Continuing Case of Spokane Garry," to be presented by GNU's own Dr. David Beine. 

In 1917, William S. Lewis wrote "The Case of Spokane Garry," the first biography of Chief Garry, who was influential in settling Spokane. This book highlighted the eventual dispossession of Chief Garry from the land he had occupied and farmed since 1864. In “The Continuing Case of Spokane Garry,” Dr. Beine will present current findings about the recently disputed location of this land and offer some historical perspective and insight into the persons involved in this historic land dispute.

This public lecture will be followed by an invitation-only round table session (8-9PM) to discuss the findings. Those interested in participating in the discussion may contact Dr. Beine at to be request an invitation. 

Dr. Dave Beine is Dean of the College of Global Engagement and Professor of Intercultural Studies at Great Northern University here in Spokane.