It’s Not Us. It’s You.

At Great Northern University, students from diverse backgrounds and perspectives walk the same halls, sit with the same professors, and yet are transformed in unique and profound ways. This happens because GNU is about far more than just your education; it is about who you will become as a person.

What makes Great Northern University special is that the success of your journey is the purpose of our journey. What does that mean? It means that we are especially focused on your development as a student and on making sure that when you graduate you are fully equipped and empowered to see your passion realized. 

How Do I Start?

It couldn't be any easier; just click the "Apply Now" button anywhere on this website. Here are a couple of helpful tips and facts about the process:

  • There are no application fees 
  • Your application saves as you go
  • You'll be asked if you want to apply for one of the BA programs or one of the Certificate programs, of if you just want to audit a specific class
  • Here is a full description of the Undergraduate and Certificate Admissions Process, if you're curious

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