Bachelor's Degrees

Flexible Curriculum

Bachelor's degrees at Great Northern University have been thoughtfully designed with flexible curricula that encourage students to chart their own course. 

If a Bachelor's program doesn't seem like the right fit for you, then make sure to look into our Certificate Studies program; you can even choose to audit individual classes if you are not interested in pursuing a complete program, or do not need credit for the class. 

The following majors are currently being offered in our Bachelor's program, but don't get stuck on their names; with up to 24 electives per major, you'll get to customize your field of study, which means you decide where you go from here.   

B.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies 

B.A. in Communication

B.A. in Intercultural Studies

B.A. in Leadership Studies

B.A. in Linguistics


B.A. in Youth and Family Ministry

B.S. in Psychology