The Lord Has Done This

When we reflect back on GNU's beginning we are reminded just how quickly GNU went from being a vision to a reality. Objectively, we shouldn't be here at all; starting a new university from the ground up just doesn't happen in this day and age. And yet, that is exactly what the Lord has done! We ourselves could not have arranged all the pieces in just the right order, but He can, and He did. 

2 Corinthians 9:12-13

We are amazed by, and grateful for, the many who have joined us in financial partnership already! One of the realities of being a new institute of higher education is that we do not have years of financial reserves built up, or a lush endowment to lean on. However, we are fully depending on the Lord to supply all our financial needs.

As we near the end of our first academic season, we continue to rely significantly on the gifts of generous persons like yourself for our operating expenses. Your sacrificial gifts help cover the cost of salaries, our facility lease, technology costs associated with our website and social media, our learning managements system, faculty and student email servers, and so much more!

Most importantly, when these operational needs are met by your gifts, our students are provided the opportunity to pursue their passions and God's call on their lives at GNU. Your gifts are truly an investment in the future of Spokane and the world, as you join us through your contributions in raising up the next generation of Christian leaders. 

In this season, your contributions will help launch GNU as part of our Embark campaign.